Lori Pappajohn with harp in a field of flowers.


Lori Pappajohn is known for her beautiful compositions and arrangements for harp. She has helped stretch the boundaries of the harp world, breaking away from traditional classical styles and creating compositions influenced by jazz, world, Celtic and flamenco.

Lori Pappajohn has composed dozens of works for harp including her three signature pieces: The Bullfighter's Daughter, Girl in the Red Skirt and Caravan.

The bulk of her recordings are with her ensemble Winter Harp and feature her unique and beautiful arrangements of Christmas music. Lori Pappajohn has arranged more than 300 pieces for Winter Harp.

She is also comfortable playing pop and classical-styled music suitable for weddings and other occasions.

These are five of her recordings. Below them are two of her videos.

Lori Pappajohn's harp music recordings on CD

Lori’s song Then Shall I Love Thee (Celtic Harp of Dreams CD) is featured in this video. In this song she plays harp, flute and sings. She is also one of the mermaids in the video.

Lori’s composition Tangiers (Bullfighter’s Daughter CD) is featured in this video. She’s playing flute and singing. She is also one of the mermaids in the video.